Recent Fiction

Try To Catch Her Smiling.” Barely South Review. May 2021

Sing, They Said, Sing.” Short Fiction. November 2020

The Hum of Waco, TX, 1993.” HAD. October 2020

Hardly Dead.” Cheval 13, Parthian Books. September 2020

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.” The Coachella Review. July 2020

The Future is Magic.” Queen Mob’s Teahouse, January 2020

The Earth Just Kept on Going.” Hobart, October 2019

Be the Best.” Barren Magazine, October 2019

Tabula Rasa.” Necessary Fiction, May 2019

Essays / Reviews

Right There on the Surface: The Dominant Animal by Kathryn Scanlan.” Review 31, December 2020

A Ghost Among Ghost Stories: on Claire Cronin’s Blue Light of the Screen.” Ploughshares online, October 2020

On hybtwibt? by Space Afrika.” Gold Flake Paint, October 2020

Vs. Children by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone,” press release for the Orindal Records reissue, October 2020

On Little Eyes by Samanta Schweblin.” Portland Review, July 2020

On Selected Stories by Troy James Weaver.” Entropy, February, 2020

On Welcome to Hell World by Luke O’Neil.” Full Stop, January 2020

You Never Win, You Never Lose: Talking with Gabriel Birnbaum.” The Rumpus, December 2019

On David Bowman’s Big Bang for Review 31’s Books of the Year 2019.” Review 31, December 2019

“In Conversation with Molly Sarlé.” Gold Flake Paint, September 2019

“On Safe and Also No Fear by Slaughter, Beach Dog.” Gold Flake Paint, September 2019

On Mouthful of Birds by Samanta Schweblin.Full Stop, September 2019

Was It Ever Harder to Believe in Our World? on Sam Lipstye’s Hark.Review 31, August 2019

To Record and Be Recorded: Ruby Cowling’s This Paradise.Review 31, June 2019

Every Question is Multiple Choice: The Southern Horror of William Gay. Horla, March 2019

If You Anchor Yourself in the Idea: Joe Scapellato’s The Made-Up Man and Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman.Review 31, February 2019

Dead moths and Derridean ghosts: Adam Scovell’s Mothlight.” Cardiff Review, January 2019

‘This was the beauty of sleep’: Capitalism, healthcare and counterculture in My Year of Rest and Relaxation [by Ottessa Moshfegh].” Cardiff Review, December 2018

Hysterical Realism: a review of Perfidious Albion by Sam Byers.” 3AM Magazine, September 2018

Fan Interviews: Hallelujah The Hills.” Bandcamp Daily, June 2016

Typhoon’s album White Lighter.” New Welsh Review, 2013

Crown of Thorns by Bethany W. Pope.” New Welsh Review, 2013

Selected pieces for Various Small Flames:

Witness to what is about to unfold: Still No Mother by Logan Farmer.” September 2020

Does something great, powerful and infinite remain: Risking Illness by Ian Wayne.” September 2020

For he believes in himself: Youth Pastoral by Ben Seretan.” March 2020.

The environment is the enduring image: This Is Just a Place by Field Guides.” November 2019

On Aliens and Ghosts: Claire Cronin’s Big Dread Moon.” June 2019

Damien Jurado’s The Horizon Just Laughed (or, The One Where I Compare the Artist to Joseph Billie Gwin, the Gunman who Invaded KOOL-TV Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, May 28, 1982).” December 2018

People Who Were Willing to Believe: Frog’s What We Probably Already Had It.” December 2018

Love is Loyalty: on Marilynne Robinson and Advance Base’s Animal Companionship.” October 2018

Being Human No Matter What: The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner.” June 2018

Tyrone Slothrop as the Key to I’m Bad Now by Nap Eyes.” May 2018

This is Going to be Your Bravery Test: on Bob Rob and The Overstory by Richard Powers.” May 2018.

Academic Publications

The changing face of post-postmodern fiction: Irony, sincerity, and populism.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 58 (3), 2018, pp 259-270.

A poszt-posztmodern próza alakváltásai: irónia, őszinteség és populizmus” (Trans. by László B. Sári). Helikon Irodalom- és Kultúratudományi Szemle, 64.3, 2018, pp 283-301.

Past Fiction

“From Despair To Oblivion” – The Fiddleback, June 2013

“Hereditary Voids and Our Attempts to Climb Out” – The Missing Slate, April 2013

“The 15 Trials of William Pritchard” – The Metric, Issue 2, March 2013

“The Big Bang” – Camroc Press Review, January 2013

“Ha Ha Vs. Peculiar” – Eunoia Review, December 2012

“Evenly, Gently” – Apocrypha & Abstractions, December 2012

“That Summer” – Pygmy Giant, September 2012

“The View From The Centre Of The Universe” – Wilderness House Literary Review, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2012.


TasteMakers003: Various Small Flames [Interview by Jamie Halliday].” Adafruit, August 2018.